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Welcome to the APEC Information Management Portal (AIMP)

The AIMP aims to provide users with an online, collaborative work environment in which to share information and conduct work related to APEC.

AIMP comprises four modules: ACS (APEC Collaboration System), OMS (Online Meeting System), MDDB (Meeting Document Database) and PDB (Project Database). Using the primary navigation bar above, visitors from the general public may access APEC's Meeting Document Archives, and APEC officials and participants may additionally reach the working modules. Access to these modules is based upon your user profile. If you believe you need access that you do not have, please contact the AIMP Contact Point in your Economy, or send a note to AIMP Portal Administrator for further advice.

If you are searching for a specific topic or text, you may use the full-text search function to search AIMP content. You may also access the help section, using the icon in the upper right corner, to reach more content intended to assist users. For further assistance, please contact your site administrator or AIMP Portal Administrator.
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